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When purchasing a home or property, there are few things to be considered

If you’re a first time buyer, be sure to read the following Buyers Guide. Find out what you can afford and how your auto loan will impact your affordability?

What Monthly Payment Is Needed for a House with a Specific Sale Price?

Is Now a Good Time to Refinance?

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You need an Agent-a local expert working for you; Megna Agents have those expertise. Megna served all kind of residential, commercial, and investment customers in the region of Golden Horseshoe and Hamilton communities. To learn about the communities you want to live in, just call or email us for more information.

Buying a house, business, and investments are a MAJOR purchase. It will be the most expensive thing you will ever buy. When you seek a loan to make this purchase, the loan companies will be careful in assessing your ability to repay the loan. Please fill out the form and we will send you information about the things to avoid before purchasing your home.Main Body Content


We have an expert sales force that have been dedicated to our Company for many years. This is our hallmark of success in residential sales. Knowledge, experience and a strong track record of residential sales is key to effective condominium and home sales.

Supplementing our Real Estate business is our ability to perform Mortgage Financing Services for the home owner and the investor.

The benefit of selling a home or property through a sales associate

Selling a home takes more than an ad in the paper, and a “FOR SALE” sign on the lot. Firstly, it takes experience and training to correctly price a home to sell. It requires a carefully prepared market analysis showing not only the homes that have been sold, but also homes that are still on the market and which represents your competition; as well as homes that were on the market and never sold. Secondly, you need to anticipate and solve the many problems that can arise during the selling process. Frequently buyers have to sell their own home in order to buy yours. It is sometimes difficult to keep control in these circumstances. Usually it doesn’t cost a buyer anything upfront to work with a Sales Associate. Someone may be looking to buy a home at a lower price because they know you are saving the brokerage fee. If your goal is to sell your home for the best possible price, in the least amount of time, and without a lot of stress, considering an agent would be a better choice.

Selecting a Sales Associate

Selling a home is a serious business. Do not make the mistake of mixing business with friendship unless you are certain your friend or relative is capable of representing your sale, capably and objectively. Loyalties are always important, but circumstances do change and past performance may not guarantee future performance. Check to see that the necessary ingredients to serve you well are still in place.

Things To Consider

  • Does the agent/salesperson work for a respected and reputable company?
  • Is the salesperson licensed to sell real estate, bonded, and covered by required insurance?
  • Is the salesperson a realtor, that is, a member of the local multiple listing service?
  • Will the agent work for you and your best interest, and disclose any conflicting interest to you?
  • Does the salesperson have a marketing plan for your home resulting in high probability of sale?
  • Does the salesperson have a marketing presentation that convinces you that their services justify the commission they receive?
  • Does the salesperson offer more than simply placing your property in the M.L.S list or also places an occasional ad in the paper?
  • Does the agent work for a company with a Toll Free number?
  • Is the salesperson familiar with your area?
  • Would a stranger recognize your sales agent to be an agent, even without introduction? How is he/she identifiable?
  • Does your salesperson have management and team support in their effort to sell your home?