Property Management

When it comes to complete Real Estate Sales and Property Management, Megna Real Estate and Insurance Ltd has the dependability and experience you are looking for. Whether you are looking for management of day to day operations at your townhouse complex or high-rise or someone to supervise projects such as restoration, maintenance and upkeep, or are faced with expensive repairs and a limited reserve fund, we are experienced in the management of all types of condominium corporations and always offer physical, administrative and financial management services customized to the needs of your corporation. We take a personal approach to property management. What sets Megna apart from other property managers is the way we deal with every homeowner. We possess a relentless drive to maintain and exceed your expectations.


To Request an Association Management Services Quote: Please call or e-mail our office with your name, phone and/or e-mail address, the name of the association, and the number of units in your community.

Financial Services & Reporting

• Prepare monthly financial statements
• Assist board with annual budget
• Assist board with interest rate management of cash reserves and reserve analysis
• Prepare monthly bank reconciliation

Repairs & Maintenance

• Oversee association repairs and maintenance
• Oversee the ordering process of all supplies/materials as needed
• On-site Personnel and Operations - Our employees help ensure both resident and owner satisfaction through keen attention to detail
• Coordination of on-site inspections, budgeting contractor management and more
• Administer all association, regular maintenance contracts


• Assist with securing annual insurance policy
• Confirm all contractors have appropriate insurance coverage
• Assist with filing of association insurance claims


• Prompt deposit of all association receipts
• Diligently pursue all delinquent accounts
• Monthly homeowner billing
• Prompt payment of all association expenses
• Long term financial planning (i.e., cash flow and reserves)


• Develop and execute professional marketing campaigns that consistently meet property performance objectives for existing and repositioned properties.

Communication & Service

• Prompt response to all association phone calls and correspondence
• Walk-throughs
• Newsletters


• Schedule, notice, coordinate and attend all board meetings
• Provide board packages prior to meetings
• Attend all regularly scheduled board meetings

Tax Returns and Accounting Review

• Prepare all information for accountants